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From Hunting Ground to Modern Resort

The exhibits of the Museum trace the history of Ocean City from the Native Americans who hunted on its shores, through the founding of the city and its subsequent development, to the resort of today. The Museum is designed to appeal to both visitors and long-time residents. Its extensive archives are a popular resource, used by those researching the history of their families or properties. The albums of old photographs and files of brochures help to round out the vision of Ocean City, past and present.

The Founders & The Early Years

In 1879 four Methodist ministers came to what is now called Ocean City to establish a resort based on Christian values. They created a safe and healthful place for families to enjoy the seaside. The museum exhibit tells the story of the founding and development of America’s Greatest Family Resort.

The Boardwalk

The Boardwalk was first built in 1887 to provide easy access to the ocean and beach. Eventually it was expanded and included entertainment venues and other attractions, making the Boardwalk itself a vacation destination. The detailed Museum exhibit traces the development of the Boardwalk through the decades.

The Sindia

The four-masted Sindia, sailing from Kobe, Japan, on its way to New York City, ran aground near Ocean City in 1901. Today it still rests under the sand near the 17th Street beach, an object of legends and mystery. The spectacular Museum exhibit displays scale models, photographs, and wonderful artifacts taken from the ship.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly, the Hollywood star who became a princess, is regarded as a favorite daughter of Ocean City. From her early childhood she spent summers here with her family, regarding it as a second home. Even after she became famous, she continued to visit the family vacation home. Later, she brought her own children and husband here, where she was much beloved. The Museum exhibit tells of her time spent here over the years and highlights her career in movies and her real-life role as royalty in Monaco.

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